Good Goodbye

its always hard to say goodbye.

its never been easy to wave hands for farewell.

for me, no goodbye is simple. its always complicated. so sometimes i hide the complicated emotion in such grumpy head way.

i hate goodbye. i never like any of it.

yeah, things come and go. but i think my heart just too wide to store the memories.

sometimes i remember things that people dont.

i can easily be very nostalgic soon i see something relates to any of my past memories.

Oh my! Bless this high ISFJ inside of me

I cant stop the goodbye.

So i’ll just be nice instead and i can be remembered as a sweet, kind yet sometimes grumpy girl

Im a loyalist! Trust me!

2 thoughts on “Good Goodbye

  1. ritanurma says:

    So never say goodbye… 😁

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